beck konzept ag
Gewerbezone 82, 6018 Buttisholz

Beck Konzept Geschichte


The development of Beck Konzept

In 2003 Alex and Pia Müller took over Hans Beck’s business, developing visionary goals to turn it into a dynamic, competitive, widely recognized company.

beck konzept ag employs some 50 highly skilled staff in the fields of interior design; planning/project and construction management; advice/sales/administration and manufacturing and assembly. To ensure that the company continues to have enough skilled workers in the future, beck konzept ag is training nine apprentices as EFZ draftsmen specializing in interior design and EFZ carpenters.

2010 – Today
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  • Inauguration of new building
  • Replacement of IT-System with 20 CAD Workstations
  • Investment in additional mortising machine
  • Change to telephone system VoIP


  • Constructionsstart of new building
  • Installation of new photovolaics system with an output of 163 kWp
  • Investment in a new woodworking maschine for veneer treatment


  • Replacement of the installation vehicles with brand new IVECO vehicles.
  • Easyschrank gets a field service vehicle.
  • Tobias Steinger joins the management board.


  • Opening of the emotional Easyschrank exhibition.
  • Start of the planning phase for the interior design and manufacturing annex, scheduled for completion in 2020.


  • Start-up of the CNC-controlled edge gluing machine with PU waterproof gluing and automatic part refeeding.
  • Replacement of the IT server system and data protection units.


  • Investment in a new forklift truck.
  • Introduction of the QR code with continuous data transfer from 3D planning to the manufacturing machines.


  • Roland Walker takes on company management.
  • Alex Müller focuses on advising customers / sales and work as VR president.
  • Walter Müller and Christoph Bucher join the management board.


  • CI adaptation of Beck Design to beck konzept with co-owner Roland Walker.


  • Expansion of advice and sales in the retail store segment.
  • Replacement of the Striebig vertical panel saws.
  • The Beck Design AG Rust-eze Team wins the Red Bull Flugtag airshow in Lucerne.
  • Expansion of capacity to warehouse customers’ furniture.


  • Opening of the storage solutions showroom for
  • Start-up of the energy-saving compressed air system.
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2001 – 2009
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  • Start-up of an 11.5 metre-long, 4-axis CNC processing centre with automatic feeding.


  • Expansion of manufacturing, surface finishing and logistics.


  • Construction of the new access road via the traffic island.
  • Expansion of the advice and sales team (Roland Walker, member of the management board, Advice and Sales, joins the company).


  • Inauguration of the annex for planning and administrative offices.
  • Purchase of a CNC-controlled Martin format milling machine.


  • Complete, sole take-over of Beck Design AG by Alex and Pia Müller plus withdrawal of Hans Beck from the company.
  • Replacement of the installation vehicles.
  • Start-up of the wood-fired heating system.


  • Spin-off of conservatories into the company wigART.


  • Introduction of ISO 9001.
  • Purchase of a CNC-controlled edge gluing machine.
  • Alex and Pia Müller acquire a majority share in the company.


  • Introduction of the management system.
  • State-of-the-art CAD software and network.


  • Rebuilding of the shavings silo with an extraction system for environment-friendly disposal.
  • Construction of the logistics hall with a high rack and crane system.
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1944 – 2000
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  • Conversion and expansion of the offices.


  • Introduction of CNC and CIM integrated manufacturing.
  • Alex Miller acquires a share in the company and takes over management.
  • New corporate identity.


  • Change-over to CAD and 3D animations.


  • Securing of building land reserves.


  • Alex Müller joins the company.


  • Manufacturing of conservatories.


  • Addition of the conservatory pavilion.


  • A new manufacturing plant is built in the Buttisholz commercial zone.


  • Conversion into a stock company (AG).


  • Founding of the business.
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