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Your interior designer for integrated gastronomic concepts

Gastro furnishing

With our interior design office, we provide you with a partner for integrated gastronomy concepts that turn your business into a unique experience. We understand that a successful gastronomy does not only depend on outstanding cuisine, but also on a welcoming atmosphere and a well thought-out interior concept. Our experienced interior designers work closely alongside you in order to understand your individual needs and visions and transform them into a fully integrated concept. We take care of every detail, from planning to realization, to create a harmonic overall picture.

Planning gastronomy facilities

Furnishing concepts for guests and employees

When planning your gastro furnishings, it is not only about the satisfaction of your guests, but also about the well-being of your staff. With our furnishing concepts, we create interiors that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We analyse the workflow, take ergonomic aspects into account and ensure that your employees can work efficiently and safely. After all, a motivated team plays a part in the success of your gastronomic business, as does an authentic interior design. At the same time, we focus on designing environments that will inspire your guests. In doing so, we take note of the atmosphere you want to create and set accents that underline the character of your concept.


The ideal room design for your gastronomy

Our interior design goes beyond just furnishing but creates a harmony of comfort for guests and well-being for your employees. Every corner of your gastronomic establishment is thoughtfully designed to optimize workflows while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. We are experts in integrating ergonomic design and innovative solutions to increase productivity. 

Process of the furnishing concept for gastronomy

We assist you every step of the way to your new gastronomic business

On the journey to your new gastronomic business, we assist you from the initial consultation to the final handover of the keys. We clarify your needs and ideas in an initial meeting and analyse the information received in our concept study, which will result in the final concept. The next step is to draw up a detailed plan, which then moves on to the approval procedure. As soon as all permissions have been obtained, the realization of the concept begins. Our experienced interior designers convert the created concept into reality and coordinate all parties involved. After the inspection of the finished project and the handover of the keys, your restaurant is ready to welcome its first guests.

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