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Our longstanding expertise in the design of hotel facilities enables us to understand the needs and trends of travellers precisely. With solid advice and creative concepts, we support you in positioning your hotel successfully in the market. While doing so, we focus on reflecting the individuality of your guests in your establishment as well.

Together we create a unique, cosy and stylish atmosphere in your hotel in which you can delight your guests. The character of your hotel, its surroundings as well as the company vision flow into our harmonic concept and provide your guests with a feeling of well-being.

Interior design for your hotel

Convenient for your employees, an experience for your guests

As experienced interior designers, we create a concept that is functional for your employees as well as creating a memorable experience for your guests. Our expertise allows us to design environments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From the reception to the guest rooms, we design a harmonised concept so that your employees feel comfortable and can perform their work efficiently. At the same time, we create a unique environment that ensures your guests have an unforgettable stay.

Design meets function

The perfect combination of design and functionality is the key to a successful hotel interior design. We are convinced that every element should be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Every corner, every piece of furniture, even the colour choice have a functional as well as visual role. A successful design takes not only appearance but also the movement of guests in the room, the creation of privacy as well as the optimization of light into consideration.


Sustainable design

When designing new hotel facilities, their maintenance and cleaning is also an important part of the concept. We know and use the most suitable materials so that the new inventory offers improved longevity and resistance to both wear and dirt. As a result, maintenance and cleaning can also be reduced. This creates an aesthetically pleasing yet functional environment that contributes to a positive guest experience.

Individual furnishings for the hotel industry

We create pleasant moments for your guests

Our team of designers, interior architects and carpenters work closely with you to create a unique atmosphere that reflects the character of your hotel. From the lobby to the restaurant and guest rooms, we focus on comfort, aesthetics and functionality. Each room is individually designed to create a relaxing environment that makes your guests feel at home.


Harmony from lobby to guest room

Our goal is to create a harmonious overall image from the first step into the lobby to the quietness in the guest room. The lobby serves as the hotel's business card and should express enthusiasm, while the guest rooms should exude comfort and a sense of well-being. We combine colours, materials, textures, scents and design to achieve precisely this goal and put your hotel in the intended mood.


«With the exact implementation, I always pay attention to the cost ceiling.»

David Meier, Projektleiter

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